UnderRepresented Language Technologies and Education LLP


The UnReaL Mission

We are a group of computational linguists, speaking and working on underrepresented languages of India. We are the speakers of Braj, Bhojpuri and Magahi. And we do not have a predictive keyboard, we cannot type by speaking in our mobile, we cannot talk to Alexa in our languages. We are untouched by the technology that is so ubiquitous all around us. We do not like this situation. Millions of others like us do not like this situation.

And so we decided to take matters in our hand. We decided to change things for millions of others like us. If you are like us and want to do something about it, we are here to hold your hand, walk with you, help you out, take help from you, work with you, change with you, change for you. Or if you want to live that change, we will still be there cheering for you and for ourselves! 

We love to research, to build, to invent and to realise what may seem like Mission Impossible - language technologies for ALL (and not just 22 or 100 ) languages of India. Its our fight to actually bring technology to every hand, to every household in their own language, as their own.