Check out the numbers - we exist to change these!

Over 25 crore speakers of India (little under 1/4th of the total population) speak a language or mother tongue other than the 22 scheduled languages. If we add some scheduled languages such as Santhali, Bodo, Manipuri, Maithili, etc to the list of under-represented and under-studied languages, the numbers swell further. There are no language technologies available for these languages. Even for the major scheduled languages, there is only sporadic, scattered availability of these language technologies and wherever available, there are very few successful integration with consumer-centric products - predictive keyboards, speech-to-text systems and standalone, specialised digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Home being the only exceptions and that too for only a few languages. On the other hand, there is a lot of academic interest and efforts towards developing such technologies for these languages (which may later be integrated with consumer-centric products for providing services to the end-users). Still, it is an arduous task with very little support. 

We exist to fill these gaps!