All our apps and code are open-sourced under AGPL License that requires all modifications to be open-sourced as well!

If you like it and would like to add some features, fix bugs, contribute to writing the documentation or do anything else with it, just go ahead, clone, fork, open a pull request, make it your own!

If you are stuck because of poor documentation or lack of explanations, get in touch with us to clarify stuffs!

If you are building datasets of any kind in any language, use our apps to build and share the datasets. By default, the datasets on the app are not shared with / used by anyone other than the creators themselves / the ones they choose to share it with.  

We appeal to everyone in the community to release their datasets as public dataset with a non-restrictive license and contribute to the development of language resources for all languages!

If you are using any of our apps for any purpose, do get back to us with any and all suggestions, criticisms, feedback, improvements and also words of appreciation! 

This will motivate us to keep going and also to keep improving